• Do you have difficulty functioning due to the hopelessness of depression or the angst of anxiety?
  • Are you locked in struggles or battles with family members, whether young kids, teenagers, or older parents?
  • Do you and your partner or spouse have troubling arguments with no resolution?
  • Are you haunted by a tragedy, loss, or death that you cannot get past?

I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) working under the supervision and license of Lori Conroy, an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist based in Marin County. I offer integrative and interactive therapy, infused with warmth and humor. I can help you to renew and expand your relationship with yourself and with other important people in your life. We work together to build a therapy that helps you to define complicating issues in your life, and how you would like to make changes to live your life with more meaning, fulfillment, and connection. I am happy to work with you in an individual therapeutic arrangement, or with you together with your spouse or partner, with your children, or with a broader constellation of your family members. I would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about your personal concerns, questions, and hopes. I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation and look forward to hearing from you.